Wstaw so lub because.
(Complete the sentences using so or because.)

  1. He isn’t hungry ______________ he has eaten three big burgers.
  2. She can’t go to school ______________ she has broken her legs.
  3. Bob is slim and healthy ______________ his diet is well-balanced.
  4. We won some money last week ______________ we can buy some new clothes.
  5. Ian didn’t obey the rules ______________ he had to be punished.
  6. They live near their school ______________ they walk there.
  7. I like pop ______________ I often listen to Christina Aguilera.
  8. She is sleepy ______________ it’s 2 a.m.
  9. Nick is happy ______________ he got a puppy yesterday.
  10. Pat’s boyfriend loves her very much ______________ she is in seventh heaven.